Way Too Indie / Ananda DillonOriginal Review

Way Too Indie

“Sam Esmail’s ‘storytelling technique reflects the perspective of an enlightened and astute new addition to the film scene.’”

“Their relationship and personalities are revealed through each major juncture with a magical realism quality framing all of it, à la PT Anderson or Michel Gondry. Meteor showers, double suns, reality and fantasy lines blur as scenes transition with special effects that provide a cosmic backdrop.”

“The music and visual effects somewhat save the film, however, as it’s literally all dialogue, and each scene’s distinct look (props to cinematographer Eric Koretz) showcase the conversations beautifully.”

“Long and Rossum carry the weight of the film as they talk their way through every scene. And in this parallel universe witty fast paced speak flows in abundance. Quippy romantic soliloquies & sharp bantered humor, marks of an unrealistic romance, are strangely viable because of our pretend setting and the actors’ ease.”

“Comet‘s many disjointed parts don’t all add up, but they are engaging to watch and hypnotic to listen to.”

“Comet manages to hold to the indie film spirit. Which makes it, perhaps impractically, immensely easy to enjoy.”

“Perhaps love doesn’t follow rules, so if Sam Esmail wants to dream up new ones in a world of his imagination, he’s just clever enough to make it interesting, if not remarkable.”